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Fun Facts about Clay Buchholz's Ineptitude

"These old uniforms suit me juuuuust fine."
"These old uniforms suit me juuuuust fine."

Eric Chavez hit two homers yesterday against Clay Buchholz.

Eric Chavez hit two homers all last year.

Eric Chavez hit five homers between 2008-2011.

Eric Chavez is, like IGYAR's Twitter username, NotAHRHitter.

Follow the blue lines for some amusement before this afternoon's game.

Eric Chavez last had a multi-homer game on April 11, 2006, a gap of five years and nine days between that game and his previous effort. Some fun facts about April 11, 2006:

  • The A's actually lost that game Chavez hit two dingers in because some young schmuck named Dan Haren gave up seven runs in six innings. Oakland's first baseman that day batted ninth and hit a double. His name was Nick Swisher. Luis Castillo was just a simple second baseman for the Twins and not yet a Mets punchline. Rondell White DH'd for the Twins and probably hurt himself doing that.
  • The Yankees beat the Royals 9-7. A dude named Ambiorix Burgos blew the save in the eighth inning. Not quite as epic a name as Exicardo Cayones, but still. Check out Pinstripe Alley's game thread and "round-up reacation". Interesting to see how much the site has changed... except jscape.
  • The Florida Marlins, managed by Joe Girardi in his firs managerial experience, lost 9-3. They started Sergio Mitre, so that explains that.
  • Raul Ibanez started in left field for the Mariners against the Indians. He made an error. Of course.
  • Joe Maddon managed his eighth career game. He lost. Probably because his lineup featured Josh Paul, Nick Green, and Joey Gathright.
  • Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" was number one on the Billboard Top 100 chart. I'm glad we've moved beyond that.
Congratulations on your accomplishment, Clay.