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Yankees News and Notes: Crashing the Party

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When Fenway Park first opened in 1912, the Red Sox pulled out a victory, but during yesterday's birthday festivities, the Yankees were the ones celebrating.

Several stars were conspicuous by their absence from the centennial celebration, but none were more notable than Roger Clemens, who has been busy preparing for his upcoming perjury case that begins on Monday. At some point, Andy Pettitte could be called to testify at the trial, but Clemens’ defense lawyers are hoping to limit the scope of his potential involvement.

One day after Andy Pettitte did his best impression of a strike throwing machine during an extended spring game, Michael Pineda will take the mound in Tampa. With the Yankees’ rotation struggling in the early going, both pitchers could find themselves in the Bronx sooner than later. In the meantime, for those in the central Jersey area, Pettitte’s next start could come in Trenton.

The Yankees’ bullpen ranks as one of the best in baseball, and the organization seems to be flush with talented arms. So, should the Yankees take advantage of that relative strength by trading one of its relievers? How about David Robertson?

Now 3-0 after beating the Red Sox, Ivan Nova has been the lone bright spot in the Yankees' rotation, but is his success a result of skill or luck?