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Twins 7, Yankees 3: Pitching Struggles From Beginning to End

"Magic gut, please tell me how to pitch better again!" -Freddy is seen talking to his stomach after he is pulled from tonight's game.
"Magic gut, please tell me how to pitch better again!" -Freddy is seen talking to his stomach after he is pulled from tonight's game.

A rough night for the Yankees tonight as the Twins defeat them 7-3 behind the good pitching performance of Carl Pavano.

The Yankees seemingly had Pavano's number early on, scoring three runs in the first inning off the former Yankees pitcher. Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson would hit back to back home runs against him and then Teixeira would drive in A-Rod. However, that was the only inning they would score as Pavano seemed to settle down and handle the Yankees offense tonight for the next six innings. The Twins bullpen took care of the remaining two innings.

Meanwhile, Freddy Garcia once again did not put in the type of pitching performance that is going to keep him on this team come Pettitte and Pineda time. Garcia struggled in the first inning as well, giving up as many as five hits in a row at one point and two runs. He seemed to settle down, but he could not hold the lead as the Twins eventually started hitting him again. Overall he only went 5.2 innings, giving up nine hits and five earned runs, including a HR hit by what seems to be a healthy Justin Morneau.

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-The bullpen, praised for how it's been pitching as of late, did not have the best of games as well. It's possible that Girardi just wanted to get Boone Logan and Cory Wade some work, but they did not command the strike zone well. Especially Wade, who was hit and hit hard pretty much his entire time in the game. Ironically, Clay Rapada did not pitch that bad though.

-Curtis Granderson made a spectacular catch to prevent Cory Wade from giving up even more runs than he did.

-IGYAR Side Note: About 10-12 years ago, I use to joke about how bad the ads were on the Yankees Radio Network, even making up some insanely ridiculous ones during the game. However, it's actually gotten that bad now. The one Sterling said about "Cory Wade is Painting. Painting the Strike Zone, sponsored by (I forget the sponsor)" actually disgusted me.

Comment of the Game: Jetanumba2 for the Monty Python and the Holy Grail picture responding to PSA Podcast co-host WWJD's post on Betances final line.

Game Highlights:

-Jeter's lead-off HR

-Granderson's follow up HR

-Granderson's fantastic catch in the top of the 7th