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Yankees News & Notes - I'mGivingYouACaseOfTheMondays

"No, I'm Rivera." "No, I'M RIVERA!" "I'M MORE MO THAN YOU!" -The Yankees stated as they nearly broke out into dance over who was more Mo than the other, on Jackie Robinson Day!
"No, I'm Rivera." "No, I'M RIVERA!" "I'M MORE MO THAN YOU!" -The Yankees stated as they nearly broke out into dance over who was more Mo than the other, on Jackie Robinson Day!

Top of the morning to ya, Pinstripe Alley. You should not have a case of the Mondays today if you're a Yankees fan, after last night's victory against the Angels. Well, you might if a train is delayed, the weather is bad, or a hoard of Uruk-Hai had captured you and you are now on your way to Isengard. Of course, lets hope none of that has actually put a damper on your Monday morning. Especially the Uruk-Hai thing. Man, that would suck!

The Pinstripe Press

As mentioned in my usual BS before I actually get to the news, the Yankees defeated the Angels last night 11-5 on Jackie Robinson day. For those who have been concerned with the Yankees leaving too many RISP, the offense hopefully calmed some of those fears last night. Meanwhile on the Angels side, it's still early but it really seems like their bullpen is their achilles heel. Sometimes it really makes one appreciate David Phelps, David Robertson, and David Mariano Rivera. Our bullpen needs more Davids, I think.

In more hilarious and definite ESPN talking heads type news, apparently new Jets QB Tim Tebow was at the game last night and when they showed him on the really really big screen, he was booed. Even though most Yankees fans are traditional Giants fans, at least from what I've seen, I really wouldn't be surprised if some Jets fans in the crowd were booing him as well.

I didn't get a chance to watch or listen to the pre-game last night, but according to Lo Hud Yankees CF Curtis Granderson talked about what Jackie Robinson truly meant to the players and the game of baseball. Also, the Grandyman wore custom #42 shoes for the game yesterday, which will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Jackie Robinson Foundation. Truly, a heartfelt and noble gesture from our CF.

Finally, courtesy of River Ave. Blues, Andy Pettitte threw four scoreless innings in his latest minor league start, seemingly getting ready to come back to the Yankees. In the case of Andy, my fandom is very conflicted as nothing would make me happier than seeing Andy come back and be Andy, but at the same time I worry about what's going to happen to Hughes. I still hold the hope that he'll figure it out, even though after the last two starts my hope is dwindling a bit. We shall see what happens though.

A couple of non-Yankees notes after the jump...

According to Deadspin, new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine doesn't think cave troll Kevin Youkilis has the same passion as he once did. Probably just a minor fluff piece, but I find it funny nonetheless.

Finally, the Dodgers turned a bizarre triple play yesterday as the Padres cleanup hitter, and I'm not making this up, bunted into it. You can watch the video of it via the link. Also, Matt Kemp is really really good at baseball!

Later on today, an IGYARticle about Broadcast Booths at 11. Then, the Yankees welcome the Twins back to the Bronx for tonight's game. Finally, a feature length movie. Rocky IV!