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Pinstripe Alley News

I am extremely excited to announce that the first Pinstripe Alley Youtube Video is up on the site! You can view it here, on the sidebar, or on the main bar under "video." There will be 2-3 videos a week, in addition to IGYAR, Duggan, and WWJD's podcasts, not to replace them. (For what it's worth, and I know I look young, I am a dashingly handsome twenty years old gentleman!)

Pinstripe Alley Team Report Introduction (via sbnpinstripealley)

Also, if you are taking part in the TiqIQ opening day contest, here is some updated news on that.

TiqIQ will reward up to $1,000 to any one (1) consumer who correctly predicts the following:
1. A professional baseball player who is their team's batting average leader with a minimum of 50 at bats for "spring training" exhibition games during the month of March, 2012
2. That player's official batting average for exhibition games played in the month of March, 2012

The official rules of this contest are published here,

Please follow Pinstripe Alley on Facebook and Twitter and follow tiqIQ and join their contest!