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New York Yankees News: Pineda's Changeup & Nunez' X-Rays

All the talk after yesterday's 9-3 loss to the Phillies was about Michael Pineda's changeup, even though he only threw it about five times. It looked solid as he used it to strikeout Shane Victorino and then set up Jim Thome's strikeout.

  • The X-rays on Eduardo Nunez' right hand came back negative. It's very good news for the Yanks, as Nunez looks to be the primary SS/2B backup.
  • Former top draft pick Brien Taylor (now 40) was arrested last week on 15 drug-related charges after a sting operation. I honestly feel sorry for the guy. I don't doubt that the way his baseball career ended turned him toward drugs.
  • CC Sabathia brings his own lunches to training camp, only they're prepared by his personal chef. He says it helps keep his weight under control. Pineda, who has the locker next to his, reported to camp 10 lbs. overweight, but should lose the extra baggage by Opening Day.