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March 4th Open Thread Extravaganza!

Adam Warren does his best DiCaprio <a href="" target="_blank">face</a>.
Adam Warren does his best DiCaprio face.

Tired of me yet? You'll get a break from me tomorrow. There are a few games on the NBA and NHL slate this evening if you're into that, though none of the teams playing are local. At this point, all men's basketball games have been played. There's a good matchup in NCAA women's basketball, with the Lady Scarlet Knights (#23) taking on the Lady Huskies (#4) at 8 PM in the Big East tournament quarterfinals. Stanford (#2) also takes on unranked California at 9 PM. All the Spring Training games for today have been played, but YES is re-broadcasting the Spring Training game at 7 PM. There is also endless content on if you search "highlight" in the Videos section, like so. I've killed a ton of time doing that; there are not only Spring Training highlights, but classic stuff too. Though I might stay away from Tony Saunders breaking his arm while throwing a pitch in 1999... gruesome stuff.

On that cheery note, enjoy your night!

PS- You should vote for possible shortstops to be inducted into the Pinstripe Alley Hall of Fame!