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New York Yankees News: Glad to Not be Stuck in Oakland

Russell Martin feasts on his batting glove after striking out in yesterday's win against the Phillies.
Russell Martin feasts on his batting glove after striking out in yesterday's win against the Phillies.

Good morning, Pinstripe Alley! Here's some Yankees news as we begin our first full week of somewhat real baseball since last October.

  • As WWJD noted yesterday, the Yankees are undefeated in 2012! Woohoo! Check Pinstripe Alley's recap of the game, which even featured a Cole Garner double. Stunning!
  • Mike Silva of New York Baseball Digest noted that we should keep an eye out for lefty reliever and Rule 5 pick Cesar Cabral as a notable candidate for the last spot on the roster. Since he's a southpaw, I'm sure that would give him an edge since Joe Girardi loves his bullpen lefties.
  • Joe Girardi is reportedly okay with the change in playoff format and is even understanding of the need to start the series with the lower seed getting two home game. Remember this quote for October if he questions it later:
  • I don't think it really changes the way you look at this season. You really have to fight to win your division. It is kind of strange to start on the road. That doesn't quite seem right, but it's a one-year thing. I understand why they're doing it.
  • Phil Hughes said that the HGH testing was no different than any other blood work and that it was just like taking a physical. That does not sound too bad; not sure why there would have been problems testing for it in the past.
  • In further Bud-Selig-is-trying-to-ruin-baseball news, Bill Madden says that MLB will likely uphold the San Francisco Giants' claim to the San Jose area and not allow the Oakland A's to move there. Dumb. I get that they hold the claim, but it's in the best interest of baseball and the A's future in California to let them move there. The only team it helps by keeping the A's in an untenable location is the Giants organization.
  • The Padres and centerfielder Cameron Maybin agreed to a five-year, $25 million extension, which will likely keep him in San Diego until 2016. There is also an option for the '17 season. Maybin turns 25 in April, so he might be forfeiting potential income by agreeing to a deal that won't give him free agency until he's past 30, but it's understandable to take the financial security.