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Open Thread

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You know the deal. The Knicks are playing some basketball right now, while the Rangers are playing the Jets in hockey. That's the Winnipeg Jets, not the New York Jets, so no Tebow. Then again, you never really know with Tebow.

Don't forget to make your predictions here.

It's baseball season (technically) folks! Let's see your best baseball gif's in the open thread, or let's get a good discussion going in the comments!

If you're new to the site, introduce yourself, if you come from another team or blog, feel free to introduce yourself as well and start a friendly discussion!

I will be posting Pinstripe Alley Yankees Team Reports (still working on the official name) three of the next four days, not sure which days yet. Look forward to those!

The latest news in Yankee-land is that Austin Romine's back has worsened and the Yankees claimed Craig Tatum off waivers, even though he has no options. Dumb? Genius? Discuss.