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Make Your 2012 MLB Season Predictions Here

Soon enough we will have our own MLB predictions, but please, make your predictions to the following questions/categories here.

There are two rules you must follow, or your comment will be deleted.

1. Use a subject line

2. Include the questions with your answers

As of now there is no prize for the winner, but if I get a book or something I'll make that the prize. The game thread is below, so use that for non-prediction related comments.

After the jump you can find the categories and whatnot

1. AL East Winner

2. AL East 2nd Place

3. AL East 3rd Place

4. AL East 4th Place

5. AL East 5th place

6. AL Central 1st place

7. AL West 1st place

8. AL Wild Card 1

9. AL Wild Card 2

10. Wild Card game winner

11. ALCS team 1

12. ALCS team 2

13. AL winner

14. NL East winner

15. NL Central winner

16. NL West winner

17. NL Wild Card 1

18. NL Wild Card 2

19. NL Wild Card game winner

20. NLCS team 1

21. NLCS team 2

22. NL winner

23. World Series Winner

24. World Series MVP

25. AL MVP

26. NL MVP

27. AL Cy Young

28. NL Cy Young

29. AL Rookie of the Year

30. NL Rookie of the Year

31. AL Manager of the Year

32. NL Manager of the Year

33. AL first manager fired

34. NL first manager fired

35. CC Sabathia wins

36. Hiroki Kuroda wins

37. Michael Pineda wins

38. Brett Gardner stolen bases

39. Alex Rodriguez home runs

40. Raul Ibanez games played