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New York Yankees News: Hughes in the Rotation, Joba "Stupid," Pineda Flashes Plus Velocity

Was Joba careless and/or stupid?
Was Joba careless and/or stupid?

Phil Hughes is guaranteed a spot in the rotation, according to the Daily News. After tossing six innings of two run ball against Phillies prospects, sitting at 91-92 MPH with his fastball, a source told the newspaper that "it would be a shock" if he wasn't in the starting rotation. Though conceding two runs to a lineup of minor leaguers is nothing to get too excited about, he has earned a spot, staying healthy, maintaining solid velocity and showing quality secondary pitches.

  • Mike Silva called Joba Chamberlain's latest injury, that could cost him all of 2012, "careless and stupid." While I would've liked Joba to take more care, especially when rehabbing from an injury, having fun with your child is part of life. I don't think it was smart, but I wouldn't call it stupid either. Does that make sense?
  • Michael Pineda showed improved velocity in his start on Sunday, reaching 94 MPH a handful of times, and says he "has more." We have to hope so, because he is currently not the pitcher that Jesus Montero was traded for. I'd love to see him toss a few 96-ers in his next start, just so we know it's there. Last year in Spring Training he was hitting 97 MPH consistently, so he's either making a conscious effort to dial it back, working on the changeup has adversely affected his velocity, his poor physical condition (he reported to camp 20 lbs. overweight) is causing the drop, or he's truly "lost it" (or perhaps some combination). He also said, surprisingly, "to get 93, 94 is not easy." That's a little worrisome from a guy who averaged 94.7 MPH last year.