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New York Yankees News and Notes: Sunday SUNDAY SUNDAY

"Haha, even <b>I</b> could get Ibanez out, and I haven't pitched in almost five years!"- David Wells (quote cannot be verified)
"Haha, even I could get Ibanez out, and I haven't pitched in almost five years!"- David Wells (quote cannot be verified)


Here's what's going on in Yankees world:

  • The Yankees will reportedly not have their rotation plans finalized until the end of Spring Training. Colour me shocked if the plans do not include Sabathia, Kuroda, Nova, Pineda, and Hughes.
  • Alcohol in clubhouses will be a rarity this year, especially after the "beer and chicken" fiasco of the 2011 Red Sox. That won't effect any choking plans for the Red Sox though, don't worry! Catch the Trollioles Magic; problem, Boston? (credit: Jedi Master A-Rod Jody Michael for the image and my Orioles fan friend from Auburn, NY, Nick, [figure that one out] for the catchphrase)
  • Joba Chamberlain's disastrous ankle injury somehow resulted in no microfractures. I'm stunned--from what I've heard about the Joe Theissmann-levels of pain, it seemed impossible to avoid such pains. Here's hoping Joba can somehow regain a normal pitching career, whether it be for the Yankees or some other team.
  • The power-hitting shortstop, a breed so common only ten years ago, is now an endangered species. The days of the five shortstops at the '02 All-Star Game (A-Rod, Jeter, Nomar, Tejada, and Vizquel) were strange times but damn, were they fun. I trust you to bring this breed back, Troy Tulowitski.
  • Pitching prospect Dellin Betances was officially sent to AAA Empire State yesterday, as were lefty scrubs Michael O'Connor and Juan Cedeno. The 25th-man competition seems to be essentially down to Clay Rapada and Cesar Cabral. I would pick Rapada of the two since he is the ultimate LOOGY, but I cannot imagine the decision will make a dramatic difference.
  • In general baseball news, Rays pitcher and former number one prospect Matt Bush was arrested on a DUI yesterday. Nowadays, it seems crazy that he was picked ahead of such pitching aces like Justin Verlander, Jered Weaver, and Gio Gonzalez. Hell, Jeff Niemann and Phil Hughes have had better careers. Don't worry though, Matt--we will have this quote forever.
  • Raul Ibanez is apparently on the comeback trail since he actually hit a homer that one time. If he keeps playing like he has (.075 batting average), I really hope he doesn't spend longer than April with the team.

Unrelated to baseball, I had Syracuse losing to Ohio State in March Madness, so I'm pleased (how you doin', Nick?). Since they are my chosen champion, they're my only hope for me actually doing well in my tournament pool, though Obama's destroying my bracket regardless.

Frank and (misread the schedule- Frank's will be on Wednesday, as usual) Brandon will have articles up in a few hours, and the Yankees have a game against the Tigers at Steinbrenner Field at 1:05.