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Surgery Successful, Joba to Leave Hospital Tomorrow

After today's win against the Detroit Tigers, Joe Girardi announced that Joba Chamberlain will be released from the St. Joseph's Hospital on Sunday.

The MRI and CT scan results showed that there were no microfractures in Joba's dislocated ankle, and the doctors are confident that they have avoided infection. There are no more surgeries planned, and Joba will spend the next six weeks in a cast. All that's left now is for Joba to heal.

According to an optimistic Girardi, Joba could get on a mound by July, a huge swing from the last few days where many assumptions had Joba missing the entire season. However, at this point in the process, all timetables are extremely premature, and there is still a significant amount of healing to take place before we will have a better idea of when he will be able to return.

Let's just hope he heals successfully and there are no setbacks.