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New York Yankees News: 3/23/12

Sorry you're having to learn the hard way about the NY media, kid.
Sorry you're having to learn the hard way about the NY media, kid.

- Jorge Vazquez is getting impatient in AAA and wants to leave if the Yankees don't have a place in the majors for him this season. After having a terrible Spring so far and only one spot to fill on the roster, I don't think that's going to be happening. Sorry, El Chato. If that's how you feel, then I guess this is goodbye.

- You can't read anything about the Yankees these days without stumbling upon someone's opinion of the Michael Pineda velocity controversy. Joe Pawlikowski at RAB and Matt Imbrogno at TYA attempt to introduce some reason into the mix. Still not time to press panic.

- Forbes released their MLB evaluations recently and the Yankees are, of course, the most valuable team in baseball at $1.85 billion dollars. Only the Manchester United soccer team is worth more in professional sports.

- William Tasker at It's About The Money looks at the Yankees who have come and gone. Some are names that have fond memories attached (Montero), and some I think we'd all like to forget (Pavano).

- In case you missed it yesterday, David Phelps was scratched from his start because his wife was having a baby. Congratulations to them!

- The Yankees have split squad games against the Minnesota Twins and Philadelphia Phillies today at 1:05 p.m. Ivan Nova and Hiroki Kuroda will get the starts.