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New York Yankees News - March 22, 2012


Good morning, Pinstripe Alley.

The Wall Street Journal writes a nice little piece on Curtis Granderson and what he could possibly do for an encore this season after leading the Yankees in home runs (41) and RBIs (119) in 2011.

"Continue to work and continue to build off everybody here that's trying to win championships," Granderson said. "You see a guy like Derek Jeter who has five championships and he's not just good because he's using his God-given ability. He won one championship and he wasn't content with that and he just kept working harder and you see that attitude filtered throughout the organization. I came in and tried to be a part of that. You learn to not be satisfied with where you are."

A for attitude!

Phil Hughes apparently isn't feeling any pressure with Andy Pettitte back in the fold. The following is a quote from after yesterday's five-inning, three-hit start against the Tampa Bay Rays.

"There's always a need for good pitching, and as long as I go out and pitch well and am one of those guys, there's going to be a spot," Hughes said. "I'm making strides every day. Up to this point, I'm happy where I'm at."