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COMPETITION: Win A Copy Of The Book "100 Things Yankees Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die"

I recently received two copies of the new book "100 Things Yankees Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die" from the publishing company, one for review (look forward to that!) and one for a giveaway.

For the giveaway I decided to do the following competition. You can compete if you don't want the book, and I'll just give it to the next best competitor.

-Guess the Yankees 25 man opening day roster. That's the roster as of April 6th, first pitch, not April 5th or anything like that. Whoever gets the most correct players, wins.

-Tiebreakers will be: Raul Ibanez hits Spring Training, then Phil Hughes strikeouts Spring Training, then Brett Gardner stolen bases Spring Training. Please answer all three, or you will risk not winning a tiebreaker.

I will review the book when I finish reading it, but it definitely looks like an interesting read. Hope you all compete, and the Pinstripe Alley free agent competition winner will be revealed soon (no prize) and the 2012 season prediction thread will appear on April 5th (no prize)