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Yankees/MLB Hot Stove News: 3/2/12

A-Rod is not impressed with the new playoff system.
A-Rod is not impressed with the new playoff system.

-The Yankees took on the USF Bulls today and the result was completely predictable with a score of 11-0.

Notes of [little] significance: Ramiro Pena stole a base. Pena, Eduardo Nunez, and Zoilo Almonte, who also drove in 4 runs, tripled. Adam Warren and Brett Marshall pitched 2 innings each, allowing 1 hit a piece. Kevin Whelan walked no one, so I can only assume the end of times is near. The entire box score can be found here.

-Brian Cashman denied reports that the Yankees had made an offer to Cuban free agent Adonis Garcia.

The El Nuevo Herald claimed yesterday that the Yankees offered 6 years and $16 million dollars to the 26 year old, with the intention of using him as an outfielder. The A's were also reportedly interested, but later denied making an offer.

-Scott Boras says that Johnny Damon is home working out while waiting on a call from a team that needs a DH.

Boras also included that Damon was about to be the 3rd best DH in the American League, which sounds like typical Scott Boras nonsense to me. It will be interesting to see who, if anyone, gives the former Yankee a job this season.

-Speaking of former Yankees, Jesus Montero hit a home run for the Mariners today in their game against Oakland.

This hurts my heart a little bit. For the record, he was also charged with an error behind the plate and had to leave the game after getting hit in the head with a foul ball. Take the good with the bad.

-In Bud Selig is trying to ruin baseball news, the higher seed will indeed start the Division Series on the road in 2012.

They will play a 2-3 series, instead of the usual 2-2-1 format. Glad we're really punishing those Wild Card teams! Sigh.