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Open Thread: No Yankees, No Madness, and Manning

Not much going on today. Yankees Baseball is taking a break, March Madness has been put into a straight jacket in Arkham Asylum (meaning it will get out), and Peyton Manning is heading to Denver to get Troy Tulowitzki's autograph. I can't see any other reason to go to Denver. Meanwhile in NY Sports, the Rangers face their hated rivals the Devils tonight at the World's Most Famous Arena.

Finally caught the end of the Walking Dead last night and without spoiling anything, as a fan of the comic I cannot tell you how happy I am with this episode and this season overall. Well I'm sure there's some other TV programming on tonight that will tickle the PSA poster's fancy. Maybe not.

Writer's note: I will not be around this week at all as I will be out of the country in Paris attending a friend's wedding. I'm sure my loyal fan will miss me.

Post away, PSA! /rhymed