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New York Yankees News and Notes: March 18th

"Who's that new Pettitte kid in town, CC?" "Don't know, kid..."
"Who's that new Pettitte kid in town, CC?" "Don't know, kid..."

Happy Post-Patrick's Day, PSA. What are the pinstripers up to?

  • Though he pitched well in yesterday's win over Houston, Hiroki Kuroda still has a few issues to work on for 2012. Hopefully these are trends he can correct; few people on the coaching staff doubt Kuroda's capabilities.
  • Although the Yankees are perpetually interested in lefthanded pitchers, they are unlikely to give the recently-released Dontrelle Willis a contract. He hasn't been good in a long time, so can you really blame them?
  • Michael Weiner, the chief of the Player's Union, does not anticipate the Yankees relenting on pursuits of big-money free agents. It seems that like many people, Weiner will believe the Yankees' goal of a $189 million payroll in 2014 (and 2015) when he sees it.
  • Mariano Rivera admitted sweating during his appearance yesterday against the Astros. I am forever skeptical that he ever actually sweats. Rivera also kept alive his interesting Spring Training scoreless inning streak; Rivera has not allowed an earned run in a Spring Training game since March 15, 2008, a streak of 24 consecutive innings. Somehow, I do not anticipate his Yankeeography mentioning this streak when he retires.
  • Speaking of that sad but inevitable day, Rivera said that he is "a thousand percent sure" about what his retirement plans are and that he will not go back on them, like his old friend Andy Pettitte has. Considering he'll be in his mid-forties, color me not surprised. On a related note, please pitch forever, Mariano.
  • The New York Times tried to make some semblance of the Yankees' rotation now that Pettitte is coming back to the fold. His competition for rotation spots (namely Phil Hughes and Freddy Garcia) did not seem so keen on his return, which shouldn't be stunning. We'll see what happens.
  • Expect an article from me later today on how a former Yankee's comeback attempt several years ago might forecast what could happen with Andy Pettitte.