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Yankees News and Notes: Welcome Back

The gang's getting back together. Could Jorge Posada be next?
The gang's getting back together. Could Jorge Posada be next?

Andy Pettitte’s back. But, what does it mean for the Yankees and his own legacy? More importantly, how does the veteran lefty fit into the team’s plans for 2012 and is he likely to regain his past form?

Phil Hughes chances of landing a permanent spot in the rotation were dealt a blow by the return of Pettitte, but the right hander took the news in stride and turned in four scoreless innings against the Nationals during which his fastball topped out at 94mph. After the game, Hughes, Joe Girardi, and Brian Cashman all discussed the potential impact that Pettitte’s signing could have on the rotation.

The Yankees made their first cuts of the spring, and included on the list were blue chip prospects Manny Banuelos and Gary Sanchez. Conspicuous by his absence, however, was Dellin Betances, who might still have an outside of chance of going North with the club. At the very least, Betances has given Girardi reason to want to see more.

The wear and tear of Spring Training has started to take its toll on several Yankees regulars, including Derek Jeter, who is nursing a similar calf injury (albeit on the other leg) to the one he suffered last summer.

How is your bracket holding up after yesterday's upset victories by 15-seeded Lehigh and Norfolk State? Did you have Missouri advancing to the Final Four like Curtis Granderson, whose bracket is being tracked on as part of the Big League Bracket Challenge.