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Thoughts On The Andy Pettitte Signing

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When I first saw Jack Curry's report that the New York Yankees agreed to terms with Andy Pettitte, I honestly thought someone hacked Curry's account. When I saw more tweets from Curry, giving details on the signing and what happened before and after Pettitte wanted to return, I believed it.

Still, it's a complete shocker. After looking through all the quotes and information tweeted and written on Friday, here are my thoughts.

-The Yankees did not sign Pettitte because of any velocity problems or rotation worries or anything like that, they simply could not say no to Andy Pettitte. The Yankees believe Pettitte is at full strength, and would anyone really say no to Andy Pettitte at full strength for $2.5 Million? If you're a Michael Pineda or Phil Hughes fan, don't worry....

-Don't worry yet, that is. When Pettitte eventually does join the rotation, and my guess is that will be in late May, he will take one of the five spots. If there are no injuries, the pitchers most likely to lose their spots are Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda, or Phil Hughes/Freddy Garcia. If Garcia wins the spot over Phil Hughes, he will almost definitely lose his spot to Pettitte in my opinion.

-I wouldn't read too much into anything Mariano Rivera said or did that involved Pettitte. Whether he tried to convince him to come back this season really means nothing when it comes to whether or not Rivera will play next season.

-The Yankees offered Pettitte a LOT of money in December. The belief here is that if Pettitte accepted that offer Jesus Montero would be a Yankee right now. Crazy!

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-I'm extremely confident that Andy Pettitte will be the same Andy Pettitte as always. He, and almost everyone including people outside the organization, said that Pettitte looked great in his recentpitching.

-Many are saying the Yankees should move Phil Hughes to the bullpen now, but what about the future of the rotation? Hiroki Kuroda and Andy Pettitte are likely gone after this season or the next, and that leaves three starters.

-Speaking of starters, pitchers that can fill those voids include David Phelps and Adam Warren, both of whom were set back once again by the Pettitte signing.

-So when is Mike Mussina returning?