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New York Yankees News: Ozzie vs. Bobby, Kuroda and Grandy

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After Ozzie Guillen's ejection from yesterday's Marlins-Red Sox game, Boston manager Bobby Valentine waved goodbye to him. Though he didn't see it, Guillen responded after the game when he heard about it: "[Bobby V should] go and f--- himself." Get ready for a whole season of this, Boston. Speaking of Bobby V, he and the Sox come to Tampa tonight to take on the Yankees (7:05 p.m. first pitch).

Nothing was working. I had about 60 percent, so I had to make adjustments. Francisco Cervelli did a nice job calling the pitches for me. That was a big help.

  • Curtis Granderson hit 41 home runs last year but doesn't think of himself as a power hitter. He says his main goal is winning the World Series.
  • Fans clearly think this will be Mariano Rivera's last campaign - they gave him a standing ovation in a Spring Training game. When does that ever happen?
  • Tonight's starter, Ivan Nova, shares a love for the Leones de Escogido, the Dominican baseball champions, with David Ortiz. Nova talked about the night they won the Dominican winter league -

What a night. When we got to the [the stadium], I got out of the car and everyone saw me and they were yelling: ‘Super Nova, Super Nova. Why don't you pitch for us again?' I saw David, and he came up and gave me a huge hug. Oh, man, we were so happy...

He's the No. 1 fan of Escogido, after me.

  • Oakland outfielder Jason Pridie will be suspended 50 games after (twice) failing a drug test. Pridie played in 101 games for the Mets last season.
  • The last six times Kentucky's won the NCAA Championship, the Yankees won the World Series (most recently in 1998). Let's go, Wildcats!