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Open Thread: Entering March Madness

"They were unranked?!?!"
"They were unranked?!?!"

It's Bracket Selection Sunday! After a busy day of tournament finals that included some surprises, from the mild (#8 Michigan State over #7 Ohio State in the Big Ten) to the stunning (unranked Vanderbilt over #1 Kentucky in the SEC). Much to WWJD's chagrin, #17 Florida State also upset #4 UNC in the ACC Conference Final. Regardless, all of these losing teams will get high seeds in the NCAA tournament from at-large bids. You can view the bracket here. All local NHL teams are facing each other, too! The Devils and Flyers are playing on MSG+, and the Rangers and Islanders are playing on MSG.

Feel free to use this thread to sound off about snubbed teams, poorly placed seeds, hockey shenanigans, or even Doug Bernier.

Also vote in the Pinstripe Alley Hall of Fame Series for left fielders! Voting ends at 7 PM tomorrow.