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Spring Training Haikus for Thought


Disclaimer for you:

I love haikus, but don't fret-

No hashtags are here.

Joe Girardi

His '09 ring shines,

But might blind his team's future.

Stay away from mops.

Mark Teixeira

Tex wants improvement,

Considers trying to bunt.

Please just go oppo.

Alex Rodriguez

"Kobe's procedure

Might just help the fading star."

Excessive credit.

More whimsy after the jump.

Russell Martin

"He calls a good game!"

"He is just a tough cookie!"

Meaningless drivel.

Francisco Cervelli

Frankie can't hit much.

His defense is not that good.

Compared to Gus? He's Bench.

Robinson Cano

Robbie will get paid

More cash than I can fathom.

For that, stop hacking.

Derek Jeter

The Captain is old,

His second-half surge be damned.

No weak grounders, please.

Brett Gardner

Where is his Gold Glove?

Alex Gordon won that thing?

But his range... DINGERS.

Curtis Granderson

Keep hitting home runs,

Even against the lefties.

Major bank ahoy.

Nick Swisher

The new piemaster

Is better at baseball than

The last piemaster.

CC Sabathia

Pujols: one for nine.

Bautista: one for nineteen.

They are not lefties.

Michael Pineda

Tough to lose Jesus,

But for that fastball/slider...

Quite hard to say no.

Ivan Nova

If the sinker sinks,

There will be no sophomore slump-

Just think Oasis.

Hiroki Kuroda

He's not Irabu.

Igawa? Don't make me laugh.

Simply consistent.

Phil Hughes

Don't be Master Chef.

If he returns, bad news bears.

Bombs away, Yankees fans!

Freddy Garcia

Sir Smoke and Mirrors

Will try it again this year.

Sadly, sans sidekick.

Pedro Feliciano

One Rookie League frame.

Is all they will get from him.

Isn't that just sad?

Sergio Mitre

Stay away from here.

Cash will call, change your number.

Dodge embarrassment.

Mariano Rivera

The end for Sandman?

A championship season,

The perfect coda.

Have any ideas for haikus? Give us your best shot in the comments!