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New York Yankees News and Notes: Jeter, Joba, and the Loss of a Legend

Mornin' folks! What are those crazy Yankees up to these days?

  • RAB took a look at the top of the lineup and proposed a possible switch of Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson. I'm of the opinion that batting order doesn't matter all that much, but it might help since Granderson gets on base more often.
  • Per Lohud (and as WWJD linked to last night) here's what the Yankees were up to on Wednesday. As Chad Jennings notes, "They’re still in the phase of 'no news is good news,' and there wasn’t much news today.
  • Joba Chamberlain says that his arm feels fantastic following Tommy John surgery, so both PSA author alumnus Ed Valentine and ESPN NY's Wallace Matthews tried to offer a rosy outlook for Joba Chamberlain in 2012. What will happen with Joba? Who really knows at this point? At least he's doing better than Joel Zumaya.
  • The New York Daily News profiled Phil Hughes (rhyme!) and chronicled his puzzling career thus far. It's one that I'm sure has not been experienced by too many people before.
  • Burt Reynolds is no longer a Yankee. It was an amazing few days, Burt. His Twitter has also vanished. Such an enigma!
  • Bob Klapisch wrote about the Yankees' reliance on aging stars. Mo will pitch forever.
  • The Yankees' TV broadcasting team was ranked 22nd among MLB clubs according to a Fangaphs study on which team had the best group. More David Cone!
  • Joe Girardi is taking the Yankees somewhere "secret" on a team outing. My money's not on a Tampa Bay Lightning game since they don't need to fuel Phil Hughes's addiction. Maybe it's curling.
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