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MLB Hot Stove Report

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Some interesting rumors are circulating the Internet today, especially concerning A.J. Burnett and a potential move to a National League Central team:

  • The Yankees are shopping Burnett, and the Pirates seem to have shown the most interest in him so far. After making inquiries to Edwin Jackson and Roy Oswalt, the Pirates have shown a willingness to spend. Spending $8M on A.J. Burnett over the next two seasons, assuming the Yankees pick up the rumored $25M, shouldn't be too much for the Pirates to handle. It is also worth noting that the Pirates are not on Burnett's no-trade list.
  • The Rangers and Nelson Cruz are nearing a two-year deal in the $15M range. A two year contract would buy out his remaining arbitration years, allowing him to hit the open market after his age-32 season.
  • The Cruz extension comes just a day after the Rangers inked shortstop Elvis Andrus to a three year extension worth $14.4M. The deal will cover his final three arbitration years, allowing him to enter the free agent market as a 26-year-old shortstop with Scott Boras as his agent.
  • Rich Harden will miss the 2012 season after undergoing surgery to repair a torn capsule in his throwing shoulder. You have to wonder if he can bounce back from another major surgery.
  • The Phillies have had discussions about bringing Roy Oswalt back to Philadelphia, but that would require moving Joe Blanton and part of his salary to free up space to sign Oswalt. A deal is considered unlikely.