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New York Yankees News and Notes

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Good morning, Pinstripe Alley readers. Here's your regular morning news for Thursday, February 9th.

  • According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Yankees are willing to eat up to $25M in order to trade A.J. Burnett. Per Sherman: "They know no team will take all of Burnett’s remaining two years at $33 million. But if they could save, say, $4 million this year and next year, it would provide some wiggle room to finish off their roster heading into spring training." Have to say, I hope this is true, even though I recently reconsidered my stance on Burnett.
  • Andrew Marchand asked if the Yankees should sign Johnny Damon to platoon with Andruw Jones. Damon and Ibanez are essentially washes. Damon will provide some defensive flexibility, but Ibanez is the better offensive option against right-handed pitching at this point.
  • Over at the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Barbarisi takes a look at the Yankees and their recent signings of players off the scrap heap. The Yankees enjoyed success with this tactic in 2011, and seem to be hoping for more of the same out of their role players in 2012.
  • According to Keith Law, the Yankees have the 10th best farm system in baseball. From Law: "I might be jumping the gun here, but I see a lot of star potential on their bottom few affiliates, including new acquisition Jose Campos from Seattle, to go with the two power arms from their Scranton club. The flaw in the system is the lack of near-in talent, especially position players, who could either help the big club soon or provide more fodder for trades." Hard to argue too much of that.

  • Over at the Yankee Analysts, Michael Eder says the Yankees are the best organization at scouting and developing relief pitchers. Some of the names the Yankees have either drafted (does not mean signed) or developed have turned out to be very successful, including Mariano Rivera, David Robertson, Tyler Clippard, John Axford, Alfredo Aceves, Drew Storen and Daniel Bard. That'd be one hell of a bullpen if they all signed or weren't traded.
Have a good one, PSA, and check back at 9:30 for my write-up on Russell Branyan.