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New York Yankees News: Looking for a Lefty

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The search for a left-handed bat continues. It looks like Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui or Raul Ibanez could be a Yankee by the weekend.

  • This Brian Cashman affair is getting worse by the day. His apparent ex-lover says she was impregnated and then coerced into having an abortion by Cashman, according to the Daily News.
  • Curtis Granderson was almost a Boston Red So(ck?). Before the Yankees landed him in the '09-'10 offseason, Detroit and Boston considered swapping centerfielders: Jacoby Ellsbury for Grandy. But Theo Epstein didn't think Grandy would be able to hit lefties as well as he did righties (FYI, Grandy hit LHP better than RHP in 2011).