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Welcome Four New Writers To Pinstripe Alley!

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Breaking News: We are adding a fourth writer to the mix! See below.

After the departures of two of our best writers, Travis and I are happy to announce the additions of four new writers to the staff here at Pinstripe Alley.

To address a concern here, the idea of quality vs. quantity did come up in our discussions, and we feel that each writer brings their own perspective to the site, so we will have both quality (from the fantastic writing) and quantity, from the number of writers providing the excellence!

Anyway, we would like to thank all that applied, and if you have any comments, questions, concerns about who was not hired, please email me and/or Travis. This thread is to welcome the new writers, not at all complain about those that were not hired.

Join me after the jump to learn about the additions!

Rob Steingall- Rob is a member of the Meadowlands Media Group, and writes for Yahoo and SNY. Rob is a prospect expert and will post a weekly article about all that is happening in Yankees prospect world.

WhatwouldJeterdo- WWJD, for short, you may recognize from the fantastic fanposts she has written in the past week or so. Expect many graphs!

I'mGivingYouARaise- Mister insanity (in a good way) will write weekly analysis pieces based not only on stats, but also the business and personal aspects of baseball. Expect many opinion pieces from IGYAR. There is the possibility of a podcast by IGYAR in the future.

greatscott723- Andrew (sorry for revealing your name!) will be the Pinstripe Alley historian, and take over any history articles, and the Pinstripe Alley HOF series.

We as the Pinstripe Alley team got much stronger today, and I hope you, the readers, agree!