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We Know Nothing: The Josh Hamilton Relapse

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Josh Hamilton is not, and for all I know may never be a New York Yankee. But he is a fellow human being, a figure of society, a man that I'm sure some kids look up to, and a man that is battling some of the worst demons out there. The demons of his addiction.

I'm not going to act like I know anything about having an addiction, I've had my own problems in my life, but nothing related to addictions. I'm not going to assume anything and it is not fair for me to decide whether or not Hamilton even cared to battle his demons. I'm not Jeff Passan.

The worst part about Josh Hamilton’s relapse is that he didn’t care. The most famous addict in sports does not go to a bar in the town where he is best known without full knowledge that his exploits will become public in a matter of hours. That it took three full days for Hamilton’s latest relapse to go viral – and that incriminating pictures have yet to surface – is something of a miracle.

I always like to say that you can be better than me at just about anything, but you can never out care me. I may not know Josh Hamilton, but I'm hoping for the best for him. Rather than writing an article saying he "just didn't care." and assuming Hamilton was in full control at the time of his addiction, I'm just going to say I hope for the best for Hamilton.

As far as I know, Jeff Passan does not, and never has had an addiction. So Passan does not know what Hamilton is going through, the emotions behind his decisions, the battles he must be fighting and have fought, and what led him to enter the bar on the night in question.

Follow me after the jump.

If Passan does not know any of that, how can he say Hamilton just didn't care? How does he know Hamilton wasn't overcome by his addiction, and could not control himself?

Passan goes onto analyze how this affects the Rangers, Hamilton, and the future of Hamilton's career. This is not a baseball problem, this is a life problem. This is not something a baseball analyst can put a finger on and say "alright, he didn't care, he obviously doesn't want that extension!"

I'm not saying he does care. I'm not saying I know any more than Passan knows, and I'm certainly not trying to analyze what happened that led Josh Hamilton into that bar.

What I am saying is it was a cowardly decision by Passan to write that article, and more importantly, unless you are Josh Hamilton you do not know what happened or why he made the decision he did.

Best wishes to Josh Hamilton, and this is a sad story to hear.