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How Much More Incentive Do Teams Need? - I'mGivingYouAQuestion

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As we all know, Bud "Further butchering my favorite sport" Selig and his cronies at MLB are going to expand the playoffs and add an addition Wild Card team to the mix. Furthermore, this new Wild Card team and the original Wild Card team will now duke it out in a one-game winner takes all match. Then, the playoffs resume like normal, with the LDS then the LCS then the WS. I've heard a couple of reasons why I should think this is a good thing, the two main ones being that the Wild Card will now be at a disadvantage and that teams now have further incentive to win their division. My problem lies more with the latter reason, that teams need further incentive to win their division. Seriously, I want to know how much more incentive teams need to win?

What teams does not have the goal of winning their division, or being the best they can be? Granted, it looks like teams like the Athletics or Astros are making a case for that, but it's probably more due to the reality of their current situation. But seriously, what baseball player or baseball team is not out there trying to win? I watch a lot of baseball thanks to my job, and I don't ever think I've come across a situation where a team is intentionally trying to lose games to settle for the Wild Card. As talked about in the previous thread, Cashman stated that the 2010 Yankees conceded the division, which Girardi did not agree with and neither do I. Maybe he didn't put out his best players, but it was a strategically intelligent move since they knew no matter what they were a playoff lock. However, just because you put out the B Team does not mean you are intentionally trying to lose games, which is what "further incentive" implies. It also implies that teams are not trying to win all the time, even in the early months of the season. That's absurd.

So, I pose these questions to you, Pinstripe Alley.

Do you think this new playoff structure will somehow force teams to want to win their division even more than they already do?

Do you think this new playoff structure will make the playoffs more or less exciting?

Do you think my hatred of Selig is going to grow even more in 2013 with expanded interleague?

Are there any other ways Selig could "improve" the sport?

Showers or Baths?