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The Blocked Players

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The Yankees have Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter blocking the left side of the infield for a long time, Rodriguez longer of course, which leaves the future of players like Brandon Laird, Eduardo Nunez, Jorge Vazquez, and others in question,

Rodriguez is not exactly the healthiest player, however, and Derek Jeter is aging, so Eduardo Nunez is receiving enough playing time by backing up the pair, and getting some playing time when either of the two plays DH.

Nunez could possibly get the shortstop role when Jeter retires, but if not, his value is being seriously diminished by the Yankees. This reminds me exactly of another Yankee, Brandon Laird.

Laird mashed the ball in the minors up until last season, when he regressed to his expectations. Going into this season Laird is blocked by not only Rodriguez and Jeter but also Nunez, likely Ramiro Pena, and other utility infielders.

Then you have David Adams and Corban Joseph, two utility infielders without a place to play, it seems.

So, Pinstripe Alley, for the present and the future what should the Yankees do with the "blocked players," especially if their value goes up? Thoughts?