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Yankees News and Notes: The Captain Is In

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In each of the last two seasons, the Yankees have said goodbye to a legend, but Derek Jeter isn't planning on continuing that trend next season. The Captain held court yesterday in Tampa and told reporters he is still having fun playing the game and doesn't expect to retire any time soon.

After briefly discussing a contract extension, the Yankees and Russell Martin have agreed to revisit the subject after the season. If Martin does make it to free agency, his price tag could go up, but another prominent catcher could draw the Yankees' interest.

Robinson Cano was promoted to the third slot in last year's ALDS, and now Joe Girardi is considering making that lineup permanent.

Moving down the lineup, the cleanup slot is being reserved for Alex Rodriguez, whom the Yankees are hoping will remain healthy this year, while the fifth slot could fall to Mark Teixeira, who entered camp a few pound lighter.

The Yankees kicked off the first day of full squad workouts with Manny Banuelos on the mound pitching live batting practice.

Jumping into the Spring Training time machine, I unearthed some video of an actual exhibition game from 1986 along with a televised preview of that season.

Fangraphs released its list of the Yankees' top-15 prospects, and the player residing second in the ranking will probably surprise you.