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New York Yankees News: It's Report Day for Position Players

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Catching prospect Gary Sanchez may or may not have reported to camp 12 pounds overweight.

Cashman refused to confirm or deny the claim, but it seems unlikely that that specific number was pulled out of thin air. Sanchez is the youngest player in Spring Training for the Yankees, so it may be a case of immaturity. Hopefully being around teammates with tremendous workout routines will help him get into shape.

Michael Pineda has made great strides in developing his changeup.

We've heard from Brian Cashman that Pineda needed that third pitch to be considered the second starter, and it looks like he's working hard to make the pitch one he can control better. Larry Rothschild, Pitcher Whisperer, got Pineda to change the grip he was using to throw the changeup, leading to the promising results. Russell Martin was impressed.

Ivan Nova's arm feels 100% after recovering from the strain he suffered in the ALDS against Detroit.

That's definitely encouraging news. Hopefully Nova can continue to build on his success from last season.

Eric Schultz at The Yankee Analysts discusses the lone remaining 25 man roster spot.

He thinks that the spot will likely go to a reliever, possibly a LOOGY, and I agree. Cesar Cabral and Clay Rapada are likely suspects if that's the route they choose to go. Chris Dickerson or Bill Hall could also get a shot if the Yankees decide to carry an extra position player instead.

Mike Axisa tweets that 26 of 34 of the Yankees' Spring Training games will be on tv.

Plenty of chances to see the team before the season starts. Baseball soon. Can't wait.