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New York Yankees Sign Eric Chavez To Guaranteed Major League Contract

The New York Yankees signed Eric Chavez to a one year, $900,000 contract, according to reports. Earlier today when discussing the Major League roster, Joe Girardi slipped Chavez' name into the interview, hinting at the possible signing. Brian Cashman made it known he wanted Chavez back, and he got his wish.

Chavez hit .263/.320/.356 with two home runs and 26 RBI for the Yankees in 58 games played (160 at bats). Chavez did produce in the clutch, hitting .379/.447/,561 with runners on base, and .415/.468/.537 with runners in scoring position.

The main problem with the signing of Chavez, however, is his inability to stay on the field. I find it extremely perplexing that the Yankees would put their faith in Eric Chavez to backup Alex Rodriguez, who is no sure player to be on the field himself, as Chavez hasn't played in 100 games since 2006.

Last season Chavez missed a large portion of the season with different injuries, leaving Eduardo Nunez and Brandon Laird, among others, to fill the void.

It is unknown if Chavez could have gotten a guaranteed deal elsewhere, but the fact that this deal is guaranteed is what bothers me the most. If Chavez can't stay healthy, he does not deserve to be paid like a player who can.

I still prefer Russell Branyan for the backup first base/third base role, but for now it appears the job is Chavez'. In all likelihood the only way Branyan or Bill Hall can make the 25 man roster out of Spring Training is if an injury occurs.