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Yankees News And Notes - I'mGivingYouACaseOfTheMondays

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Good morning Pinstripe Alley, and what a morning it is. Why, you might ask? Why does our baseball world just seem that much brighter this morning? Well how about you read a bit further and find out!

The Pinstripe Press

Well unless you've been living under a rock, Pitchers and Catchers reported yesterday to George M. Steinbrenner Field for physicals which means that the New York Yankees 2012 season has official started. It has been a long and very interesting offseason, not just for the Yankees but for all of baseball, and it's a pleasure to see it starting up again.

As reported last night, A.J. Burnett passed his physical and the trade which will send him to the Pirates has been approved by MLB. It will be interesting to watch how A.J. does in Spring Training for the Pirates, as well as how he helps them out in the now weaker NL Central. Will he help Buctown regain their glory? Only time will tell.

CC Sabathia is also in the news this morning, as both ESPN and LoHud Yankees reports that CC's weight is a possible issue this season, or at least the Yankees hope it won't be. It seems they want our ace to be stronger and healthier, and you cannot blame them considering the money & years he just received. Another point of interest is that Pineda's locker was put right next to Sabathia's, so perhaps they are hoping the big lovable guy helps mentor Pineda. It certainly cannot be to make him feel more welcome, cause good ol' Robinson Cano is on the case there.

Onto our ninja-like GM, as Brian Cashman has apparently come out and said that the Yankees did indeed concede the 2010 regular season due to the current playoff structure and that he's a fan of the new Wild Card that Selig wants to put in place. I'll be the first to admit that nothing about what he said made me happy at all, but I'm really not that shocked, especially regarding the second Wild Card. Also, Cashman came out and said that what's going on in his personal life will not affect his job, which is reassuring to hear.

Non-Yankee news after the jump...

The Away Teams

Both Jon Lester & Josh Beckett have admitted that they totally dropped the ball and let the team down last year, in regards to the Red Sox historic, monumental, abysmal, shame inducing, fan infuriating, under-the-bus hurling, IGYAR intoxicating collapse last year. They say that things are going to be different this year. I say, why ruin a good thing? I think they should think of what I want!

Buster Posey is on the comeback trail for the Giants this year, hoping to comeback from his frightening injury last season. He will definitely be a player I intend to keep an eye on during Spring Training. I really hope he can recover fast and play again, as I never like seeing a player go down due to injuries.

Another player trying to come back from an injury is Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg, who is hoping to earn his spot on the rotation this year after recovering from Tommy John surgery. The Nationals rotation will most certainly be fascinating to watch this year. If they can all remain healthy and pitch as well as expected, that is a pretty good pitching staff they have in Washington.

Mike Cameron has announced he will retire. I'll be honest, as people like him start retiring, it's going to make me feel a bit older.

Finally, in the category of class & heartwarming, the Montreal Canadiens wore #8 Carter jerseys during their warm-up, paying tribute to Gary Carter who recently passed away. Carter started his Hall of Fame career with the Montreal Expos, and during the pre-game ceremony they honored his memory. According to the report, those jerseys will be auctioned off later during the week and the proceeds will be donated to the Gary Carter Foundation. Truly, a touching gesture by the Canadiens.