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Pinstripe Alley Discussion: The DH

Recently we have discussed many topics here at Pinstripe Alley, and the designated hitter is one of them. I've heard some crazy ideas, and some not so crazy ideas, like my pitch for the Yankees to sign Casey Kotchman.

Here's your chance to explain who you think the Yankees should sign/trade for to play DH, or if you think the Yankees should give Eduardo Nunez more playing time.

Other options include Jorge Vazquez, Andruw Jones on a permanent basis, and some I cannot even think of.

In other news, the Yankees are still talking to Eric Chavez' representatives, but do not seem to be near a deal. Personally, I'd rather the Yankees sign someone that does not get injured every day of their life.

As for the Pinstripe Alley writers search, we are nearing a conclusion. I will email all the candidates our conclusion when we finalize the decision, then I will write a quick post here saying who got the jobs.

Anyway, discuss the DH!