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Yankees/MLB Hot Stove: Friday Edition

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As you know unless you have been hibernating, the New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates are waiting on approval from MLB on the A.J Burnett trade for 2 of the Pirates' minor leaguers. Please take a moment to understand how awesome Brian Cashman is.

Michael Pineda wants to lose 10 pounds during Spring Training.

Probably not what Yankee fans are super excited to hear, but I have faith he'll take care of it.

Ivan Nova doesn't care where he pitches in the rotation, he just wants to pitch.

If he can come close to repeating his 2011 this season, the rotation will be really exciting to watch.

The Texas Rangers are on the verge of dealing Koji Uehara according to MLB Trade Rumors.

Some say they might use the money saved to sign Roy Oswalt, so we'll see what happens with that.

The player formerly known as Fausto Carmona has been in the Dominican Republic urging young players to not lie about their identity.

Good for him. It's a messy situation for all involved when the truth surfaces like it always does.