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New York Yankees News and Notes

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The situation surrounding A.J. Burnett is about to get a bit awkward. If the right hander isn't traded before Sunday, Burnett will be greeted at George M. Steinbrenner Field as he reports for Spring Training. Additionally, things are getting a bit difficult. Talks have cooled with the Indians and Burnett has already vetoed a trade to the Angels, leaving the Pirates as the lone Burnett suitor. A source familiar with the talks stated that the deal is likely to get done.

  • Joba Chamberlain says he understands the "Linsanity." But he really doesn't. Joba was a top five prospect in all of baseball and Jeremy Lin had been waived by multiple teams before landing with the Knicks, who also considered waiving him.
  • The Phillies and Yankees want Jorge Soler. I've detailed this before, but this is a risk the Yankees must absolutely take, especially given that this may be their last chance to sign a player in the international market without being capped. Additionally, Soler instantly adds high-upside outfield talent to a system that lacks power potential.
  • Robinson Cano is helping Michael Pineda fit into his new pinstripes. Cano to the young right-hander: "Don't worry man, I'll take care of you." Have to appreciate Cano taking on some leadership responsibilities.
  • After traveling the world, Curtis Granderson wants a ring. He hasn't been to the Fall Classic since 2006, his first full season.