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New York Yankees News: Waiting on Burnett & Early Tampa Arrivals

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A.J. Burnett... Pittsburgh... probably gonna happen... yada, yada, yada

  • Assuming the trade happens, where would Burnett rank in terms of all-time Yankees busts? (Hey, he stayed healthy, which is more than Carl Pavano can say.)
  • Some of the early arrivals to Tampa include The Captain, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, Justin Maxwell, Ivan Nova, Ramiro Pena, Dave Robertson, Austin Romine and Cory Wade, according to LoHud.
  • Alex Belth profiled one of the forgotten new members of the team: RHP Hiroki Kuroda. It's a really great read that deserves your attention.
  • EJ Fagan previewed the 2012 bullpen over at TYA.
  • It looks like Hector Noesi will finally get a real shot to be a starter in Seattle.
  • David Ortiz and the Red Sox agreed on a one-year, $14.6M contract.
  • I get dozens of emails each week about one thing or another to promote, but this one is actually unique and intriguing: A place to find (and then play) recreational sports in your area. We spend so much time watching sports that we often forget that they began because people enjoyed playing them.