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MLB Hot Stove Report: On The Edge Of Our Seats

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According to our "Hey, man!" Jon Heyman, the Yankees and Pirates are still talking about A.J., and not just in that "He's so dreamy!" kind of way cause tomorrow is Valentine's Day. No, apparently Buctown would wind up paying $13-$15 million of A.J.'s $33 million dollar contract, and give up two non-roster guys and maybe the rapper who sang Buctown II. If the Pirates are indeed willing to pay $15 million of A.J.'s contract, I'd pull the trigger on this faster than Han Solo did on Vader!

Captain Derek Jeter of the USS Clutchterprize recently stated how he feels the AL has gotten stronger this offseason. He also mentions how he thinks Bobby V will add some excitement to the Red Sox as their new manager. He's still excited to be playing the game, and as a fan of excitement, it's hard not to agree with him. Jeter hitting well this year will definitely excite me, and yes I do mean in "that" way! Make it so, Jeter.

Phil Hughes has also been apparently working hard this offseason. He knows that he has to "proves he deserves a spot" this Spring Training. I can't speak for anyone else (well I could but that would be rude) but I'm rooting hard for Hughes to get the 5th spot in the Yankees rotation. I really feel he still has a lot he can offer.

Vladimir Guerrero apparently wants to be the Yankees DH, as per Buster Olney. Hey, we all want things. I want a working model of the Epyon Gundam.

Non Yankees stuff after the jump...

The Athletics put some bacon on the hot stove today by signing Yoenis Cespedes to a 4-year $36 million dollar deal. I checked out the Athletics Nation reaction to this news and a lot of them seem pretty excited by it and honestly, during an offseason that has seemed somewhat bleak for them, if signing Yoenis gets the fans excited then I think that's awesome. Apparently Cespedes feels that the A's were a good fit for him. Personally, I think it's a perfect fit. I mean, Yoenis....A's.....anyone? Anyone? I'm here all week, folks!

Red Sox GM and Chemistry Professor Ben Cherington has apparently come out and said not to expect any major moves between now and Sunday. They are possibly still working on some stuff but Prof. Cheerington said "certainly the spring training roster is mostly what it's going to be." Um, okay. Again, the Scu Scu Scutaro trade still boggles the mind. I shouldn't speak for Red Sox fans, but I'm going to in this case because right now this man does not inspire confidence. We'll see what happens though.

Finally, the Orioles seem like they are also interested in prospect Jorge Soler, as well as five other Cuban prospects. The A's could still wind up with him though, due to their apparent love of punnable names. At least, that's why I think they're doing this.

All the writers are looking at the A.J. situation closely and we will update you as soon as possible. Well, all the writers except Duggan, that is. He's at a Sausage Conference!