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Yankees News & Notes - I'mGivingYouACaseOfTheMondays

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Good morning Pinstripe Alley. There's not all that much going on in the world of baseball right now. Well, except of course for the whole AJ Burnett thing, but I'm sure no one here is interested about that, right?

The Pinstriped Press

As of right now, the Yankees and Pirates are supposedly trying to iron out a deal that would send AJ to Pittsburgh. The Yankees definitely want something back for AJ, even though they seem willing to pay for the majority of his contract. However, the Pirates seem reluctant to give the Yankees anything of real value to them. Honestly, it's hard to blame either team at this point. We'll keep you updated as soon as anything is tweeted, since tweets are fast and plentiful in the sports world.

Kevin Kernan wrote a decent post regarding AJ and why he thinks AJ has got to go. It deals a bit with the new found NYC love for Jeremy Lin of the Knicks, who has burst onto the basketball & pun scene. I don't know if I'd go that far, but I do agree with the idea of giving younger arms a chance to shine. I will say though that even though I'm in no way a big fan of basketball, since I have sports on in the background at work all the time, Linsanity is exciting to watch as a New Yorker. /obligatory Lin pun

Over at ESPN, Andrew Marchand wrote a piece on Joba and what his future is for the Yankees. Personally I don't like to think about what they did to Joba that much. So I won't. Lalalala we didn't ruin him lalalala. Seriously though, here's hoping he recovers from his surgery.

The Away Teams

The Marlins seem to really want Yoenis, and they are talking contracts. The Cubs are out and seem to instead be focusing on Jorge Soler. With Soler and their recent signing of Gerardo Concepcion, it seems that Theo is trying to build up the Cubs minor league system with extremely punnable names. Gotta say, I like his style.

The Athletics seem to be the favorites in signing Manny Ramirez, as the Blue Jays no longer seem interested, nor the Orioles. Perhaps the AL East has seen the last of Manny. I do find it interesting that the A's possibly want Rangers' reliever Koji Uehara.

Finally, I found this article about the possible reason behind some of the Red Sox offseason moves interesting, to say the least. I'll just warn you now, you WILL read things about team chemistry and "differences off the field" and such. If this is the type of GM that Cherington is going to be for the Sox, then I think I'm just gonna start calling him Cheerington!

Spring Training starts for the Mariners today, and soon for us. Soon, PSA.