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Warning: SPOILED ALERT - I'mGivingYouAnOpinion

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Now, I can't be that sure as I'm getting older and such, but I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before how I think Yankees fans are unbelievably spoiled. Okay, now that I've given you a moment to catch your breath from this shocking revelation of mine, allow me to just say that this won't be as much as a rant like the last time, but rather much more of an explanation of why Yankees fans, including myself, are spoiled by the Yankees' success, as well as the difference between the type of spoiled fans.

I had been thinking of holding this off for a later IGYARticle, since it's still reminiscent of the rant after the trade. I can assure you that this will have less profane bickering geared towards the fanbase I'm pretty ashamed of. However, what has prompted this piece so soon is because of the latest news to come out of the Merry Ol' Land Of Rings. That news, of course, is the impending outcome of the possible trade regarding a Mr. Allan James Burnett.

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Now it's no secret that the majority of the Yankees fanbase out there want AJ Burnett off the team. Some don't but of course they don't matter for reasons of their own, but it seems to be the general consensus that AJ Burnett is taking up space in the Yankees overstocked rotation just like a fridge that has no more room for a bottle of milk or Mango Lemonade or Baconnaise. So, as we've seen, Cashman of Locksley and his merry front office are looking to ship him out of town to another team like the Pirates. Now we can get into many reason why this is a good idea or why it isn't, but this isn't really about that. My point throughout all of this is that the fact that getting rid of AJ is even an option to begin with shows how really spoiled we've become as a fanbase.

It's also no secret the Yankees are pretty much swimming in money right now. A lot of other fans like to say that it's our money that gets us to the postseason every year, and while it does help it's not the underlying reason. Plenty of teams have money and choose to spend it as poorly as Mr. Donovan chose his grail! However, I think the greatest strength regarding our money lies in our ability to essentially eat mistakes. Was AJ a mistake? Well again, that can go both ways in a discussion. The fact is that right now with the Yankees having 7 starters, unlike Hughes & Garcia, AJ has only one place and that's the rotation. The combination of that lack of flexibility plus how the fanbase views him (head case, loose cannon, Storm Trooper) is what is probably prompting the Yankees to even consider trading him for possibly little more than minor prospects. It probably wouldn't be that spoiled of a concept if the Yankees most likely weren't going to pay for more than half his remaining contract.

Keep in mind that I think this trade would most likely benefit both the Yankees and the Pirates, if they are indeed the team AJ winds up on. Also keep in mind that in cases like this it's understandable why we are so spoiled as Yankees fans. It's not like they haven't done something like this before. Google Kei Igawa for a primary example. It's no different that being spoiled by Mariano Rivera, cause lord knows I am. The difference in the spoiltivity (made up word) is in the why we want AJ gone. The more rational fans of PSA can offer up logical explanations to why they want him gone or want him to stay. However, your average Yankee fan want him gone cause of the Storm Trooper reasons I mentioned above without offering any type of explanation. On a personal level, I think we should get rid of him so there's absolutely no doubt that Nova is in the starting rotation. I also think Hughes will have a bounce back year, but in that regard I think Burnett will have a bounce back year, so my feelings towards AJ more have to do with Nova than Hughes.

We will ultimately see what happens regarding AJ, but all I would like to impart is be really grateful that you are a Yankees fan, because a lot of other teams out there would be screwed by the kind of mistakes the Yankees can afford to make. The fact that we can afford to pay for AJ to play on another team and get little back in return is really something when you think about it. It's reasons like this that just show that if the Yankees continue along the business practices they've adhered to for the past decade, they should always be fine. If constant success like that doesn't spoil any fanbase, not just ours, then I guess I just don't know people that well.