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New York Yankees News: 2/10/12

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Steve Slowinski at Fangraphs isn't convinced any team would be willing to trade for A.J. Burnett with Roy Oswalt still left unsigned.

The Yankees have reportedly been in talks with the Pittsburgh Pirates about a possible trade, but want OF/1B Garrett Jones in return. Jones hit .243/.321/.433 with 16 home runs for them last season. The Pirates don't seem willing to make that deal at this point, but Buster Olney thinks that if the Yankees are willing to pay all but around $8 million of the money owed to Burnett over the next 2 seasons, they could get a decent piece in return.

EJ Fagan at The Yankee Analysts takes a look at all the talent in the low levels of the Yankee farm system.

He writes that the 2012 Charleston RiverDogs team might be the best at that level for the Yankees this decade, and it's easy to see why. They will be absolutely stacked with exciting players to watch this season. Downside: all that talent is a few years away and the higher levels have no real exciting position players.

The woman accused of stalking Brian Cashman is now claiming that Cashman lied to federal investigators.

Ms. Meanwell (too easy...) says that Cashman told her he was questioned by authorities over the summer and misled them about the Yankees' knowledge of player steroid use.

William Tasker at It's About The Money, Stupid discusses the backup catcher situation.

Romine or Cervelli? Cervelli or Romine? Who do you pick?

Joe Pawlikowski at RAB examines the history of the Yankees trading away young pitchers.

George Steinbrenner was not kind to the farm system. Thankfully, things are run more intelligently now.