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It Is Almost Time For New York Yankees Baseball!

Happy February, folks! When I woke up today, I noticed the weather (in New Jersey) is extremely nice for a February day, In fact, I immediately thought it felt like a spring day. A baseball day.

We are nearing the baseball season, and the Yankees roster is almost set. Other than the minor signings here and there, and the likely addition of a DH, we know what we will be seeing in 2012, and that is quite exciting.

I saw tweets throughout the day joking about what the pitching matchup is at Yankee Stadium tonight, but I couldn't laugh, as I miss baseball too much.

Hockey certainly helps fill the void for me, as does college basketball to a lesser extent (go Scarlet Knights!) (sigh) but nothing quite lives up to waking up on a spring day and knowing there will be a baseball game to watch.

This month we will be seeing the first "action" of the baseball season. I could not be any happier. For the season so far I have tickets to see the Diamondbacks play the Mets on May 8tth, the Reds play at the Yankees on Saturday May 19th, the Yankees play in Washington vs. the Nationals on June 16th, and tickets to see Albert Pujols and the Angels visit the Yankees on August 13th!