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Winter Meetings Day Four/Rule V Draft Open Thread

Today is the final day of the Winter Meetings and things couldn't really have been quieter for the Yankees so far. Three supposed Yankee targets signed elsewhere yesterday: Jeff Keppinger with the White Sox, Eric Chavez with the Diamondbacks, and Nate Schierholtz with the Cubs. So, that sucked. Left on the table are Kevin Youkilis and Mark Reynolds, who are far from exciting options at the hot corner. Could a trade be in the works? Man, I hope so.

In other happenings today, the Rule 5 draft takes place! Whoever a team selects must remain on their 25-man roster for the entire season or they are returned to their original team. The Yankees placed six players on their 40-man roster to protect them from Rule 5 selection. Those players are Manny Banuelos, Ramon Flores, Brett Marshall, Jose Ramirez, Francisco Rondon, and Nik Turley. Graham Stoneburner, Mikey O'Brien, and various others remain unprotected, but are all unlikely to stick on a major league roster for an entire season.

Scott Boras doesn't like the Yankees' reluctance to spend money and Randy Levine would like to remind him that he has zero experience running a team. This may be the only time I ever agree with Levine.

Discuss the happenings as they happen. Hopefully there will actually be something positive for us to talk about today. Get it done, Cash.