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Winter Meetings Day Two Open Thread

USA Today Sports

What we learned from Day One:

- Alex Rodriguez will miss the beginning of the 2013 season after tearing his labrum during last season's playoffs. Add finding a replacement to Cashman's already rather lengthy to-do list.

- Contrary to pictures circulating the internet, Derek Jeter isn't fat.

- Mike Napoli is the newest member of Pink Hat Nation the Red Sox on a three-year/$39 million dollar deal.

- Rumor is that Justin Upton will be traded by the Diamondbacks. How long have we heard this rumor for now? They could also trade Jason Kubel instead.

- The Yankees are interested in Scott Hairston. They won't be getting Geovany Soto as their catcher.

More will be in store for day two, I'm sure. Feel free to talk about that, or whatever else you'd like to discuss, below.