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Winter Meetings Open Thread

Gregory Shamus

The front office types of baseball have descended on Nashville, Tennessee for the beginning of the Winter Meetings. Any kind of craziness is likely to go down when Scott Boras is roaming around and GMs are willing to throw money at the shiniest thing that catches their eye. You can use this thread to discuss any of the rumors or happenings to come out of Nashville, or whatever happens to interest you in the world today. Should anything Yankee-related go down, fear not, one of us writer people will be along to write it up sooner or later. Promise.

Obviously, Brian Cashman will be involved in conversations for a right fielder and catcher. It wouldn't be surprising to see at least one new addition to the Yankees this week as a result. Who knows what the ninja has up his sleeve. Hopefully he'll make enough progress to come away with one less question mark surrounding next year's offense.