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Merry Christmas from The Pinstriped Bible!

Or Christmakwanzakah, whatever boats your float.

Happy Rickey Day!
Happy Rickey Day!
Dave Martin

All of us at Pinstriped Bible hope you're having a fantastic Christmas and a much-deserved day off from the regular grind.

In Yankees Universe, it is also Rickey Henderson's 54th birthday! Our own Greg Kirkland did an interview with Rickey back in May, if you want a quick read. People sometimes forget how ridiculous Rickey was in the Bronx for four and a half seasons, as he hit .288/.395/.455 with 119 doubles, 78 homers, 513 runs, a 135 OPS+, and an unbelievable 30.3 rWAR. How does someone do that in such a short time? You be Rickey. Oh, and he also set the Yankees' record for career stolen bases with 326, only recently broken by Derek Jeter (in almost 2,000 more games). I love Don Mattingly, but that '85 MVP should have gone to the Birthday Boy.

Merry Christmas!