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Cleveland Indians Sign Nick Swisher

The deal is four years, $52 million with a vesting $14 million fifth-year option.

So long, Swish.
So long, Swish.
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

After four great seasons in New York with the Yankees, Nick Swisher has officially moved on to the Cleveland Indians for a four-year, $52 million contract with a $14 million option for 2017 ("easily-attainable" based on plate appearances). The trade for Swish in 2008 in exchange for basically nothing (Wilson Betemit, Jeff Marquez, and Jhonny Nunez) will rank as one of the best in Brian Cashman's tenure, a robbery as good as the Bobby Abreu trade in 2006. Swish hit .268/.367/.483 with 134 doubles, 105 homers, and a 128 wRC+ during his four years in the Bronx.

Swisher's highlights include being named an All-Star for the only time of his career in 2010 by winning the Final Vote, walking off the first game after George Steinbrenner's death, and slamming two dramatic walk-off homers down the stretch in 2009 and 2010. Swish also played a crucial role in Game 3 of the '09 World Series, helping the Yankees to a lead in the series by hitting a double and a homer. Unfortunately, that World Series game was one of the few playoff positives of his Yankee career, as he consistently struggled in October baseball to the tune of a .162 batting average, and a MLB all-time worst 2-for-36 (.056) with runners in scoring position. Swisher might have struggled in the playoffs, but he was a big reason why the Yankees were even in October in the first place. His impact on four consecutive playoff teams and the 27th title should not be casually dismissed. He will be missed.

Best of luck in Cleveland, Swish.

Update: Here's the details on the contract, courtesy of Indians beat writer Paul Hoynes.

Breakdown on Swisher's deal: $11 million 2013; $15 mill 2014, $15 mill 2015; $15 mill 2016 and vesting option $14 mill for 2017..

Swisher's $14 mil option for 2017 kicks in if he gets 550 plate appearances and passes physical at end of the 2016 season..